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     I would most definitely hire these cleaners again. They did an incredible job with the recent deep clean they did at my flat. They were professional, and my home has never been so clean. I will be using their services regularly.
Carla Frasier21/05/2020
     Excellent cleaning experience I have had. The Lower Morden Cleaning Company team showed up on time and got the job done in a timely fashion.
Vanessa M.20/09/2019
     Hired Lower Morden Cleaners for my office cleaning. They arrived just when I needed them and started cleaning the place. I could tell they were very well organised and experienced. My office was clean and tidy within an hour! Great help from start to finish! Will definitely use their services again!
Bryan G.29/08/2016
     I had my old rugs cleaned by LowerMordenCarpetCleaners and they did a terrific job. I couldn't believe how clean the rugs looked after being steam cleaned professionally. They were the hard wearing type so didn't need any special treatment, just a deep clean. Anyway, I would say if you are in a similar situation have your rugs cleaned first before contemplating buying new.
Jimmy M.13/01/2016
     My grandparents live alone and so we hired Lower Morden Carpet Cleaning for the house cleaning. I must mention that they are hard working and skilled. My grandparents are always in praise of your cleaners. When I visited them recently, I was surprised to see how clean and spotless the house was, the windows shone, bathroom sparkled and the living room was clutter free. Good value for money! I'm pleased with the customer oriented service.
Adam J.19/08/2015
     My sister started using LowerMordenCarpetCleaners for a lot longer than I have, I'm a newbie! I always noticed how lovely her home looked and she always said it's thanks to these guys so in the end I gave in and joined forces. I must say I love the results and I can totally understand why she uses them now, my home has never looked this good I think it safe to say I am officially hooked now and I will be recommending them to all of my family and friends because their work is amazing and it would be very selfish of me to keep it all to myself!

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